Good Morning…..Day 283

Once I took the subway home but I couldn’t fit it in my living room.

Good Morning…..Day 282

My mother redecorated her house. She held a séance and claimed a ghost made the suggestions. After seeing the result I told her to get a new ghost.

Good Morning…..Day 281

I bought my first car by mail order subscription. I received one part per month for 10 years. Then the government announced a recall for a defective part. The company that sold me the car said I had to return it mailing it back like I received it – one part per month.

Good Morning…..Day 280

I stopped eating healthy. I felt so good I didn’t recognize the feeling and thought that something was wrong.

Good Morning…..Day 279

I visited a psychic to read my palm and predict my future. Sadly she was Spanish speaking and my hand is in English.

Good Morning…..Day 278

I wrote a science fiction novel. The story takes place on a planet where basketballs go around dribbling people.

Good Morning…..Day 277

Why are the lights on cars called “headlights”? There are no heads involved.