Good Afternoon…..Day 81

I knew from the start that my marriage would be different. My wife wanted separate apartments.


Good Afternoon…..Day 80

I went for a walk.
Couldn’t find a store that sold one.

Good Afternoon…..Day 79

I spent $10,000 on home improvements and now my home wants to leave me.

Good Afternoon…..Day 78

I am of mixed ancestry. I am part Italian, part Chinese and part fish. I just hope that it’s not part goldfish because when I die, I’ll be flushed down the toilet.

Good Afternoon…..Day 77

I woke up on the roof of my house today. I know that I went to sleep in my bed and my wife insists that she didn’t drag me there. I questioned my neighbors but they all pleaded innocence. I suspect it was my cat. We haven’t been getting along ever since I cancelled Netflix.

Good Afternoon…..Day 76

My dad bought me my first car. Actually he just gave me one tire. I had to supply the rest.

Good Afternoon…..Day 75

My neighbor took me to court in a civil suit. I responded by going to court in a polyester suit.