Portrait of “The Family”

Portrait of family

Rare portrait of “The Family”.
Noted gangster family, still in hiding,
who rarely posed for photographs.

Their m.o. (Modus operandi) was they dressed alike.

….and continuing on….

In 1973 Juliet Kravets became recognized as the first woman to use her mouth as a food processor. She can slice, dice, mince, knead, chop and puree with those magic jaws. Juliet has been known to prepared 14-course meals using just her mouth to process all the food. What does her husband say about her talent? “It’s great fun kissing her when she’s dicing carrots!”

LuAnne Kramer holds the record as the world’s most misidentified woman. For years, thousands of people have mistaken her for somebody else with the height of error coming when a supermarket shopper grabbed Ms. Kramer thinking that she was a loaf of whole wheat bread.

While on a scientific expedition to Egypt, Dr. Henry Tuttles discovered the ancient tomb of King Raoul, the only king who was never preserved as a mummy but was instead “freeze-dried”. Simple instructions were written on the side of the tomb informing that with the addition of 5 gallons of water King Raoul would come back to life.

And finally, can you explain…
– Who were the Watermelon Men of Los Angeles?
– Who was the well-dressed businessman found buried under 2 feet of ice in the Antarctica?
– Who were the people living in Australia that ate a diet of mostly size 12 shoes?
– Bigfoot… Who is this creature? Is it just a foot or does it have a whole body attached?

It’s been awhile….

It was recently discovered that Aliens from Outer Space gave the Vikings deodorant and thus doubled their life expectancy.

Vernon Helmstwat is considered the world’s most unusual traveler. He glues himself and his luggage to the bottom of a jet moments before take-off.

George Peterson has developed the world’s first line of “Gasoline Clothes”. Produced in a variety of styles and colors ranging from 3-piece suits to blue jeans, these clothese can drive a car. “So if you ever run out of gas again,” Mr. Peters stated, “you simply take off your shirt, put it in the gas tank and drive off.”

In 1965 Larry Peddlefee settled a millennia old controversy when he proved that the Earth DOES have a moon circling it. He did this by looking into the sky and pointing directly at it.

Lawrence Canaby holds the world record for disappearing socks in the Bermuda Triangle. A ship’s captain, Mr. Canaby has traveled the area 1000s of times with his socks vanishing on each trip.