Fog Lights

I just bought a new car.
It came with fog lights.
I asked the dealer, “Why would I need them?”
He said, “If you’re looking for fog, now you could find it.”
That’s what I call excellent service.

Illegal Aliens…

Space alien, aliens, extraterrestrial

…are now dropping out of the sky!
Securing our borders has just gotten a lot harder.

Talkin’ Baseball…

The ghost of Lou Gehrig was seen walking around the Yankee clubhouse.
A-Rod wants him tested for steroids.

The Cossacks are Coming!!

With the security concerns at the Sochi Olympics in Russia,
the Cossacks
are assisting in keeping an eye out for the terrorists.

And in other news today, the Hells Angels will be joining
the Secret Service in protecting the President of the United States.

A Well-Dressed Dog


I have many questions when I see a dog wearing clothes.

First – where does he buy his clothes?
Second – does he pay cash or use a credit card?

Teaching my Children…


…how to deal with people who do not agree with you.

An important lesson in raising a child.

Portrait of the Curler Family


The Curler Family. Voted most likely to have the nicest hair.

Cause of Death

Run Run Shaw, the man who popularized Kung Fu films, has died at 107 years old.
In the 3rd paragraph in the article (click link to read) it states, “No cause of death given.”
HUH!! You mean 107 years old is NOT a cause of death?!

Vacation Time!

I love going on vacation with my family.
Let me correct that.
I love SENDING my family on vacation.

When Captain America Gets Old…


I can’t find my pills!