Halloween is celebrated differently in my town.
The roles are reversed.
The parents go door-to-door and the kids give out the candy.
One year my dad dressed up as a shark.
The boy next door gave him a can of tuna.

At the Museum…

I was at a museum when the curator asked me if I liked the paintings.
I said that I thought the walls could use another coat.


George Peterson has developed the world’s first line of “Gasoline Clothes”. Produced in a variety of styles and colors ranging from 3-piece suits to blue jeans, these clothes can power a car. “So if you ever run out of gas again,” Mr. Peters stated, “you simply take off your shirt, put it in the gas tank and drive off.”

The Runner…

My grandfather was a jogging enthusiast.
When he died, he didn’t have the traditional wake.
Instead of a coffin, he was put on a treadmill.

Doin’ Laundry…

My buddy doesn’t use laundry detergent.
He puts his clothes in the washer and throws in a cat.
He said the cat does a better job.

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The Traveler…

Harvey Smith is the world’s most frugal traveler.
He glues himself to the bottom of a jet moments before take-off.


In 1968 the earth was on the brink of an alien invasion.
It was averted when my father agreed to do
their laundry for the next 10 years, free of charge.


I don’t understand how anyone can fly non-stop.
If it’s non-stop, how do they get off the plane when they get there?


As I age, I think about heaven and hell.
Why are those my only 2 choices?


I woke up the other day speaking French.
I forgot English.