Organized Crime…

I’ve always suspected that someone in my family worked for the mafia.
We had an aquarium in our house and occasionally a gang member would float to the top

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I was taught at a young age that fences were meant to climb.
My Dad would take me to the zoo to practice.


It’s my feeling that guacamole is something that’s meant to be worn.

Mistaken Identity…

LuAnne Kramer holds the record as the world’s most misidentified woman.
For years, thousands of people have mistaken her for somebody else with
the height of error coming when a supermarket shopper grabbed
Ms. Kramer thinking that she was a loaf of bread.


As a child my mother never beat me unless it was called for.
And people were calling for it all the time – by phone and by mail.

When I was a Child at Christmas…

When I was a child, I would write my wish list for Santa.
And on the Christmas day, he would leave a large gift-wrapped box
underneath the tree, and inside would be my list.


Professor Hamilton would impress his English Literature students
when he demonstrated his ability to spell any word backwards instantly.
“I will now demonstrate by spelling the word “A” backwards.”
He paused and then said, “A”.
The class applauded loudly.

On Another Note…


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It’s the story of Nick, a young man in his mid-twenties, working the graveyard shift as a security guard in a factory possessed with an evil entity. As the tale unfolds, we watch Nick daydreaming about his former fiancé and struggling to understand the unearthly events that are happening around him. A nightclub appears in the basement at the plant, factory ceilings descend trying to crush him and a man is encased in a block of ice. The dark entity that haunts him on the job follows into his private life. When Nick goes out for a night-on-the-town, the demon follows. 
Nick feels trapped between memories of his girlfriend and a factory that, for some unknown reason, wants to kill him. However, not everything is hopeless. When Nick retreats into his daydreams, he finds humor to give him the strength to live. 

At the Drugstore