Lawrence Canaby holds the “dubious” record for
vanishing socks in the Bermuda Triangle.
A cruise ship captain, Mr. Canaby has sailed
through the Triangle thousands of times
with his socks disappearing* on each trip.

*They vanish while he is wearing them.
(A crew member suggested that he simply stop wearing socks.
When he did, his underwear then vanished.)

After the Honeymoon…

I knew from the start that my marriage would be different.
My wife wanted separate apartments.

When Captain America Gets Old…


I can’t find my pills!

Happy Veteran’s Day Grandpa

Now that my grandpa is older, he’s suffering from dementia
and convinced that he’s a World War 2 fighter pilot.
It would be easy to ignore that if he didn’t steal a
World War 2 plane and start bombing the neighborhood.


I was fired from my job for combing my hair all day.
I told my boss, I thought that WAS my job.


I stopped wearing shoes because I wondered,
“Am I wearing the shoes out, or am I wearing the Earth out?”

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My grandfather was a jogging enthusiast.
When he died, he didn’t have the traditional wake.
Instead of a coffin, he was put on a treadmill.