Good Morning…..Day 258

I started writing a novel today. The title is “The Martians Invaded.” It is the tale of a married couple becoming bank robbers. My wife suggests that the book’s title is misleading. I pointed out that the couple’s name was Jim and Patty Martian. The title is not misleading at all.

Good Morning…..Day 255

Jimmy Nelson holds the world record for disappearing socks in the Bermuda Triangle. A ship’s captain, Jimmy has traveled the area 1000s of times with his socks vanishing on each trip.

Good Morning…..Day 254

LuAnne Kramer holds the record as the world’s most misidentified woman. For years, thousands of people have mistaken her for somebody else with the height of error coming when a supermarket shopper grabbed Ms. Kramer thinking that she was a loaf of whole wheat bread.

Good Morning…..Day 253

Election Day for President of the United States

This is the story of Harry Keaton – a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. It is Election Day and Harry is the overwhelming favorite to win! What could possibly go wrong? Well, on the day before the election, Harry had a few drinks and does something that could not only cost him the election but also put him behind bars. On Election Day morning he discovers what he has done and, with the help of his campaign manager, his Vice-Presidential running mate, two Secret Service agents and his wife, he attempts to cover up what becomes known as “the incident”. And he only has about 16 hours to succeed.

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Good Morning…..Day 250

I hate door-to-door salesmen. I have 50 “No Solicitation” signs in 50 languages outside my door. Today, there was a knock on my door. Apparently I need one more – in Braille.

Good Morning…..Day 249

All I’ve ever wanted were the answers to some of the greatest mysteries in
our world. Case in point –
“While on an archeological expedition in Egypt, Dr. Salmon discovered the ancient tomb of King Itacher, the only King never preserved as a mummy but was instead ‘freeze-dried’. Instructions written on the side of the sarcophagus declared that with the addition of 5 gallons of water, King Itacher would come back to life.”
Your initial reaction after reading that paragraph is probably one of disbelief, or for the more open-minded, staunch skepticism. While that is understandable, let me point out that as little as 500 years ago the Earth was believed to be the center of the universe. Only 200 years ago bodily illnesses were believed to be caused by evil spirits. And 100 years ago you would have been considered a dreamer if you claimed that man would someday land on the moon. Reality has changed and continues to change showing us what IS the truth, even if we can’t explain it.
I wanted to explore these paradoxes shrouded in mystery to find answers. To discover another piece of the puzzle to explain the world and universe that surrounds us. That gives us our life. Well, let me say at the beginning, that the ending is only a conclusion to my story and it doesn’t come with any answers.
“In 1973, Ronald Smith claimed that he was invincible and was willing to take on any challengers. A junkyard in his town responded with the challenge of him escaping from their automobile compactor. Smith accepted the offer and allowed himself to be seated in a 1965 Chevy, which was placed in the compacter and crushed into a one-inch cube. Men screamed, women fainted and children applauded when Mr. Smith emerged from the compactor as the world’s only one inch man.”
I have never been able to find an explanation for these events. They defy the scientists who understand Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2. These scientists can explain quantum mechanics but scratch their heads trying to figure out Mr. Smith’s size. What this means is, while the universe can have black holes and neutron stars, it can also have one-inch men.
So, I guess the real question is, if answers cannot be found, what’s the point of looking? Not an unreasonable question, but I must remind you that at one point there were also no explanations for black holes and neutron stars. Now we have a basic understanding of these natural occurrences. I approached these new mysteries with hope that someday they will be explained. I wanted to start an intelligent discussion.
Where was I going to begin? I knew that if you attempted to record all of the mysteries that existed, you would produce a set of books that would encircle the globe. I needed to focus on some of the most popular subjects – ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, life after death, reincarnation and Atlantis. I
decided that I would interview the people who have experienced these phenomena firsthand. The people who have seen ghosts, been abducted by UFOs, or were on the trail of Bigfoot. My experiences during this time were incredible. One does not witness the unknown and come away unaffected.

From my book “(there are no) Answers to the Mysteries” –
Available today and tomorrow (April 6 & 7, 2017) as a FREE e-book download, so what have you got to lose? If you hate it, you can tell me!

Good Morning…..Day 248

I met with a new client. He asked if I had any opinions about the Moon. I said no. He smiled. “I just bought a house there,” he added. “I love it but the commute is a killer.” Wasn’t sure if I wanted this guy as a client.

Good Morning…..Day 247

I was riding the subway and noticed a man reading a book. Attempting to make conversation, I asked the title. He said it was a dictionary. I inquired as to the story. He gave me an odd look and repeated that it was a dictionary. I said, “Okay, but I was just wondering what it was about.” He started getting irritated and repeated, “I said it was a dictionary.” Then I got annoyed and said, “I heard you. I was simply trying to be friendly when I asked what it was about.” Then he shouted, “I told you. I’m reading a dictionary.” And I repeated, “Okay, but what’s it about?” He stood up angrily and stormed off.
So I’m left wondering, was it a crime story?