Good Morning…..Day 302

My buddy doesn’t use laundry detergent He puts his clothes in the washer and throws in a cat. He said the cat does a better job.

Good Morning…..Day 297

My Father was ambassador to a small European country. A very small country. The population is 3 people and a goat. For such a tiny country it’s easy to assume that his job was easy but you’d be wrong. In the past few years there has been a civil war (the goat was promoted to general and won several battles), the President was impeached (the goat staged a coup), and the unemployment rate skyrocketed (the 3 people worked for the goat, but the goat outsourced their jobs to another county). My Father acted as a mediator between the people and the goat but the goat accused my Dad of working for the CIA and had him imprisoned. Presently my Mom is working on his release.

Good Morning…..Day 291

For many years I was a superhero fighting crime and injustice. Then my parents divorced and I was out of a job.

Good Morning…..Day 289

If a couch potato eats a real potato is that cannibalism?