Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. That time of year when scaring people to death isn’t illegal. Trick or treat.

Good Morning…..Day 343

My dad bought me my first car. Actually he just gave me a tire. I had to supply the rest.

Good Morning…..Day 341

If a couch potato eats a real potato is that cannibalism?

Good Morning…..Day 337

My uncle recently passed and I am the executor of his will. One job I have is to handle the funeral and I discovered how expensive these affairs are. In my quest to find something cheaper, I saw a newspaper advertisement for a local store that sold coffins. So I bought one from them, put my uncle’s body in it and drove him to the funeral parlor. They refused delivery. They said I had to buy their casket.
Very irritated, I returned home and put my uncle in the garage until I can figure out what to do. My wife suggested looking for a cemetery where I can dig my own hole.

Good Morning…..Day 334

Exhausting day today. Went to store to buy a new camera. Walked out with a coffee pot. Thought it WAS a camera. Then went to a furniture store. Needed a new couch. Bought a small car. I thought the car’s backseat WAS the couch. Spent the last 5 years learning French. Went to the French embassy to talk to the Ambassador. He didn’t understand me. Apparently I learned Hungarian.