Good Morning…..Day 354

When I met with my high school guidance counselor, she asked me what I wanted to be. I said “veterinarian”. She thought I said “vegetarian”. I suddenly found myself working on a farm.

Good Morning…..Day 353

My mother told me that I was a “wanted baby”. Then she showed me the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list. I was on it.

Good Morning…..Day 352

My brother was born with a rare illness known as “Alka-Seltzeritiz”. After he was given his first bath, he just fizzed away.

Good Morning…..Day 350

Growing up was especially difficult in my family because my mother did everything she could to prevent it.

Good Morning…..Day 349

Thought for the day – Bigfoot. Who is this creature? Is it just a foot or does it have a whole body attached?