Good Afternoon…..Day 85

I stopped wearing shoes because I wondered, “Am I wearing out my shoes? Or am I wearing out the Earth?”

Good Afternoon…..Day 83

I received a call from my Mother today. She always calls after she sets someone’s house on fire. (I wonder if was someone I know.)

Good Afternoon…..Day 82

I’ve never understood why people use a telescope to look at the sky. I use mine to look my neighbors.

Good Afternoon…..Day 81

I knew from the start that my marriage would be different. My wife wanted separate apartments.

Good Afternoon…..Day 80

I went for a walk.
Couldn’t find a store that sold one.

At the Pharmacy


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I thought of it FIRST!

Giuliani says Trump ‘probably’ has the power to pardon himself

For the record, I thought of that YEARS before Giuliani –

Election Day for President of the United States

This is the story of Harry Keaton – a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. It is Election Day and Harry is the overwhelming favorite to win! What could possibly go wrong? Well, on the day before the election, Harry had a few drinks and does something that could not only cost him the election but also put him behind bars. On Election Day morning he discovers what he has done and, with the help of his campaign manager, his Vice-Presidential running mate, two Secret Service agents and his wife, he attempts to cover up what becomes known as “the incident”. And he only has about 16 hours to succeed.

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