Good Morning

Good Morning: Your Guide to Utter Nonsense

In any language, “Good Morning” is a welcome greeting. A salutation between friends, colleagues, family, and strangers followed by a smile, and sometimes, words of wisdom.

I have complied a set of observations, suggestions, and life stories – one for each day of the year – to inspire, energize, and influence your daily life.

I provide answers to problems. I want to fulfill your passions. I wish to improve your life.

For example—Good Morning “Dating was difficult for me. Women did not like it when I’d show up in my shorts, asking for something to wear.” Or—Good Morning “I woke up on the roof of my house today. I know I went to sleep in my bed and my wife insists that she didn’t drag me there. I suspect it was my cat. We haven’t been getting along ever since I canceled Netflix.” Lastly—Good Morning “I awoke today feeling depressed. My wife left me recently. She said it was because I slept on a mattress covered in granola bars. I was confused. I took them out of the wrappers.”

Now for the truth: Despite my lofty goals, I have failed. All entries make no sense, provide no real advice and are pretty much just gibberish. I sought meaningful expressions of hope and insight but ended with non-sequiturs and confusing conspiracies. To be honest, I don’t even know what I’m talking about now. I don’t think I ever did.