Old Camera

My wife saw me holding an antique camera I wanted to buy. I said, “They don’t make film for it anymore.” She said, “That’s a good thing.”

How to . . .

My local bookstore sells only “How To” books. I asked for a copy of “How to Sell Anything”. They didn’t have it.

Job App

I applied for a job at a tech company. They wanted to know if I felt comfortable using a pencil. I said I preferred a pen. I didn’t get the job.

First Grade

I saw my First Grade teacher and she remembered I missed a spelling test. She mailed me a copy. I took it and failed. Now I have to repeat 1st Grade.

Wallet Photos

I keep a photo of my grocery list alongside photos of my wife and children in my wallet.

Unexpected Letter

I buried my uncle two weeks ago. Yesterday I received a letter from him asking for more socks and underwear.

Who is LuAnne Kramer?

LuAnne Kramer holds the record as the world’s most misidentified woman. For years, thousands of people have mistaken her for somebody else with the height of error coming when a supermarket shopper grabbed Ms. Kramer thinking that she was a loaf of whole wheat bread.


“Plato was quoted saying ‘Questioning people on their deathbed
only leaves us with many unanswered questions, or the
sudden realization that now we can never collect the money owed us.’”

My Brother…

My brother was born with a rare illness known as “Alka-Seltzeritiz”.
After he was given his first bath, he just fizzed away.

Free Today!

My new book – The Flat Earth Gang – is available as a free ebook download today – Friday, January 29, 2021.

The story – Jim, a photographer, and Elaine, a travel agent, were enjoying their time together in Dublin, Ireland when a flat Earth believer approached Jim changing the next week of his life—for the worst. He had become a pawn between factions of the flat Earth movement when he was handed a digital camera’s memory card. Thus beginning a journey combining a mystery, suspense and thriller with light humor.
Rogue agents of the movement sought to destroy the card believing it had information damaging to their political goals. They chased, kidnapped, and threatened Jim to hand it over. He resisted, knowing he’d need the card as evidence against the pursuers. At the same time, he sought help from computer hackers to decipher an encrypted file on the memory card hoping it would explain everything.What began as a romantic getaway escalated into an international incident.

Here’s the LINK.   (Click “Buy it now” for FREE download NOT “Read for Free” which is Kindle Unlimited – an Amazon reading membership.)

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