Vacation Time!

Just returned from vacation. It was a short one, but I made the most of it. I drove to the nearest theme park and said hello to the security guard. My neighbors are from New Mexico and I’m learning to speak New Mexican. Visited a museum that had an exhibit about museums. Had lunch at a deli. I ate their “Bread Sandwich”. It’s a slice of rye bread between two slices of pumpernickel. It was an exciting day.

Holiday Party

I thought about becoming an atheist until the agnostics said I couldn’t go to their Christmas party.

International Holiday

Today is “International Cannibal Day”. Celebrate with a good friend!


I just returned from a mini-vacation. I flew there in a mini-plane and landed on a mini-island. I was served mini-meals by mini-people. At night there was a mini-moon in the sky. I had a mini-time.

“I am Putin!”


“And I have come to cut down my Christmas tree!!”

Mother-in-Law Problems


On a recent post, I showed my Mother-in-Law coming to visit.

Here, I’m going on vacation with the family and she’s following me.
I can never get away from that woman.