The Flat Earth Gang

The Flat Earth Gang

Jim, a magazine photographer, and Elaine, a travel agent, were enjoying a getaway in Dublin, Ireland when a Flat Earth criminal gang member approached Jim, shoved a memory card in his hand, and changed the next week of his life. He had become a pawn between two rival gangs fighting each other for domination.

Barely staying one step ahead of gang members who threatened, kidnapped, and chased them across Ireland and Iceland, they sought to find out what was on the memory card Jim possessed. He resisted, knowing he’d need the card as evidence against the gangs. He sought help from computer hackers to decipher an encrypted file on the card, hoping it would explain everything.

Meanwhile, back in America, Jim’s mom was in peril as criminals terrorized her in an attempt to get Jim to cooperate.

The Flat Earth Gang: A Lighthearted Mystery Book began as a romantic getaway, became an international mystery when it was revealed assassins and politicians on the other side of the Atlantic were involved.