Five Pumpkins & A Head

Five Pumpkins & a Head

Nick is a struggling standup comedian in his twenties who works the graveyard shift as a security guard in a factory possessed by a dark, evil entity. 

As the tale unfolds, Nick daydreams about his former fiancé while struggling to understand the unearthly events happening around him at work. 

Suddenly, a nightclub appears in the basement of the empty factory at midnight. He hears the laughter. There are calls for him to get on stage and tell jokes. He feels terror. 

Walking on his security rounds, surrounded by giant machines, dim lighting, and sharp, black shadows, he finds an employee frozen in a block of ice. He climbs stairs in a narrow hallway to the second floor, where the ceiling descends, trying to crush him.

The evil that surrounds him at work follows into his private life. When he goes out for a night on the town, it follows him.

He’s trapped in the night in a factory that wants him dead. Nick retreats into his daydreams to give him the strength to live.

Sitting in the security office, a truck driver asks Nick what his future plans are. He answers, “To live.” 

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