I was having my portrait taken and the photographer asked me to fold my arms. I had to decline because I can’t even fold my laundry, let alone my arms.


toy robot

…important not just for people.

Merry Christmas!

merry Christmas, brady bunch

Merry Christmas!

Good Morning…..Day 134


Who stole my pants?!

When Captain America Gets Old…


I can’t find my pills!

Separated at Birth


My Son & Will Wheaton from Star Trek.

Fine Dining…

dinner plate

….at a trendy, avante-garde, restaurant.
The special for the evening was a 1/2 inch cheese cube.

The taste was light, but filling.
There were subtle hints of lilac and rose petals.

The chef took a bow to thunderous applause.
Later in the evening he was spotted at McDonald’s.
The invited guests for the evening went to Burger King.

Portrait of the Curler Family


The Curler Family. Voted most likely to have the nicest hair.

El Chapo Escapes!

El Chapo, Mexican, Drug Lord

The Mexican government explained how El Chapo escaped.

Portrait of “The Family”

Portrait of family

Rare portrait of “The Family”.
Noted gangster family, still in hiding,
who rarely posed for photographs.
Their m.o. (Modus operandi) was they dressed alike.